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Spring 2021 Music Concert

We are so excited to celebrate your student's amazing growth and accomplishments throughout this past school year. Please see below for more information on recording your student's performance and uploading the video!

Concert Dates (ALL virtual):

St. Eugene, SJC, Divine Providence piano/ukulele +

private virtual piano students- May 10 at 7pm

St. Walter, MCA, Trinity piano/ukulele- May 11 at 7pm 

Midwest Christian Academy general music- May 12 at 7pm


Spring Band Concert - May 13 at 7pm

Recording and Uploading Your Student's Performance

We are asking that you record your student playing their music on your phone or iPad (whichever has better video quality). Then send their songs to us and we will do the rest from there! Here are three steps we are asking you to follow to make this happen:


1.      Prepare

o   Set up your student in a clean space with their instrument and make sure that the space your student will be recording is clear of distractions.

o   Have your student dressed up in appropriate concert attire: Boys – a button down shirt, dress pants, dress belt, nice shoes and a neck tie or bow tie. Girls – a nice dress and nice shoes or a blouse with nice pants and nice shoes.

o   Make sure they have their music on a stand or set up in an easy way for them to view it. This includes easy access to a secondary device (phone, Ipad, or computer) for them to use the reference track. They will need a pair of headphones to listen to the track as they play. Reference tracks can be found at

o   Set up the camera in a stationary position either on a tripod or set up on a table or some books.

o   We are asking that you shoot the video from the side of your student (either on the left or the right) in full body view including their instrument. If they are wearing cute shoes, we want everyone to see! And we especially want to see them playing their instrument.

o   They may sit or stand for their performance, whichever is more comfortable.

o   Make sure your student tunes their instrument before each recording session! They can use this tuner online to do so:

o   Please note that your student does NOT need to record each of their songs in one sitting. 

2.      Perform

o   Whenever your student is ready to perform, start recording! Have your student start the performance track as soon as you begin to record.

o   Once they are finished performing their song, please have them stay still for a few seconds and then stop the recording. 

3.      Provide

o   Give your student a round of applause! They’ve done it!

o   Please send in the video to our google drive folder. Upload the video directly from your phone or device using the link to the dropbox folder:

o   Once the file is downloaded, that’s it! You’re done! We’ll take care of everything else from there!

NOTE: Some of these instructions apply to wind instruments only. If something doesn't apply to you and your instrument, go ahead and skip to the next step!

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