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UP Music partners with schools and organizations to provide customized quality instrumental music programs. We accomplish that in three parts:


1) We partner with organizations who have a need to supplement both their organization's profile and students' need for artistic outlets through instrumental music. The programs we offer currently are piano lessons for Kindergarten through third grade students, ukulele lesson for second and third grade students, and wind and percussion instrument lessons through our band program for fourth through eighth grade. 


2) We provide quality instructors who are not only professionals in music education but also have the desire to integrate themselves in the organization's culture and meeting the needs of the students who they are serving.


3) Performances. Who doesn't love a good performance? UP Music strives to provide performance opportunities that are quality and educational. 

Please click on the "More Information" button below to learn more about how UP Music can provide a quality program from your organization. 

*Although Covid has put a stop on many schools in their programming, we are happy to say that we are continuing to keep the music going through a variety of ways. They are: 

1) Creating systems through our protocols and procedures that keeps students safe. 

2) Partnering with schools who have implemented their own procedures and working with them by providing the appropriate methods to continue to run our programs. 

3) Keeping students engaged with creative content through in-person and/or virtual lessons.

4) Staying true to our values and making sure students have the opportunity to perform several times. 

The list goes on and on. Please ask us about examples of how we have overcome and excelled throughout this season. 

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