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My name is Caleb Wiggins, and I’m one of the instructors at UP Music. I’m looking forward to helping your students explore and discover their own love for music!

My Story

What was your first experience in music?

My first experience with music was conducting along to my mother’s piano lessons as a child. I remember my father
telling me that my first cello lesson was a “Haircut” which I was very surprised when it was indeed not a haircut!

What instruments do you play, and which one is your primary expertise?

Cello, Ukulele, and Piano. My primary expertise is Cello.

Have you performed professionally or collaborated with any notable musicians
or ensembles?

Yes, I have had a professional video recording made for a cello performance of mine. I have also had my compositions

performed by such groups as Fifth House Ensemble and by New Music Mosaic musicians.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from your previous students?
My previous students went from being worried about their understanding of music
as a subject to absolutely thriving in their classes and state assessments.


If money was no option, what dream vacation would you go on?

I would go across Europe visiting all the significant cities in western music history.

What do you do when you’re not teaching? 

I compose, go fishing, and play video games. I also practice my instruments!



Email me for any questions about your student/our class!

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