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The Inside!

Lots of things are happening in the classroom! Here's an idea to help you understand what your student is doing, learning, and accomplishing. 


"I wish this was a class!"

-3rd grade Pianist

Because we're dealing with people, it's important to create an environment where students are smiling, laughing, having fun, and feeling safe. All of these feelings will inspire learning and help students feel comfortable making mistakes which opens up the door to many learning opportunities. 


"I feel smarter than my classmates. It's like I have an edge or something..."

-7th Grade Clarintist

Since students are relaxed and having fun, this opens many opportunities to learn. Students will:

  • Learn how to play the instrument they chose 

  • Learn how to read music

  • Learn how to work as team

  • Learn how the choices of today will impact tomorrow

Our group lessons will nurture a sense of responsibility, accountability, and respect. 


"I don't like that my heart was racing so fast. I did like that my mom and dad were there to support me."

-5th Grade Trombonist

Performances are nerve-wrecking yet exciting. We consider performances to be great accountability to both students and teachers. We want our performances to be pleasing to the ear, an accurate display of what the students are learning, and a positive experience that will foster a desire to grow. 

End Goal 

"Thank you for teaching us. It was not only fun but beneficial. I don't know where I would've been without music."

-HS Percussionist

There are a lot of things we want to accomplish in the classroom. We want to make sure our students are learning the instrument and all relevant items to the best of their ability. We want to place our students in positions where they have to make decisions. Ultimately, we want our students to become better students and, over time, responsible adults who change the world. 

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