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My name is Fernanda Gilbertsen, and I’m one of the instructors at UP Music. I’m looking forward to helping your students explore and discover their own love for music!

My Story

What was your first experience in music?

I grew up surrounded by music, thanks to my family's love for shows and concerts. My first experience with the clarinet happened when my best friend started lessons and invited me to join a class. The teacher let me try playing the clarinet, and surprisingly, I could follow along with a group that had been practicing for a while. That moment sparked my interest in the clarinet and marked the beginning of my musical journey.

What instruments do you play, and which one is your primary expertise?

With over a decade of dedicated practice, my primary expertise lies in the enchanting realm of the clarinet. Beyond this woodwind mastery, I find joy in strumming the strings of the ukulele and the piano keys. These diverse musical pursuits not only showcase my commitment to the clarinet but also highlight a versatile musical palette, reflecting years of passion and proficiency across multiple instruments.

Have you performed professionally or collaborated with any notable musicians or ensembles?

Commencing my musical education within the heart of Sao Paulo, I delved into the world of music through the transformative Projeto Guri. Notably, I had the privilege of participating in a performance alongside the renowned Brazilian samba singer, Leci Brandão, wherein I contributed as a clarinetist within the orchestral ensemble of the Guri project. Furthermore, I had the distinct honor of contributing to the Guri project orchestra in the recording of the DVD "Lendas Amazonicas" (Amazonian Legends). 


Can you share any success stories or testimonials from your previous students?

At one of the schools where I taught music, a fifth-grade student, after three years of recorder lessons with me, began to explore the transverse flute in greater depth. In my final year as the music teacher at the school, he showcased his progress with a performance that was truly exhilarating.

If money was no option, what dream vacation would you go on?

Choosing one dream destination is tough, given my love for travel. Yet, if I had to pick, Antarctica holds a special place. The untouched landscapes and pure wilderness there seem like a unique adventure. Imagining a trip to this frozen land stirs a strong desire for exploration and something extraordinary. Antarctica, with its unmatched beauty and isolation, tops my travel wish list.


What do you do when you’re not teaching?

On my day off, I find joy in various activities that rejuvenate my spirit. Whether immersing myself in the tranquility of a hiking trail, expressing creativity through drawing, or transforming my living space through cleaning and organization, each endeavor becomes a source of fulfillment, turning my leisure time into a harmonious blend of nature, art, and a well-ordered home.



Email me for any questions about your student/our class!

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