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Teaching life through music

Welcome to UP Music

core values

 what we're all about 


We strive to create a supportive environment, so students can spread that positivity to themselves, to each other, to their teachers, and to their school community as a whole.


We encourage our students to take on each day, and to always be prepared for new opportunities to come their way.


When our students reach success, we encourage them to stay humble. When they reach obstacles, we encourage them to perservere.



As we move through our time together, our students share their lives, gifts, successes, and failures with us, and are learning through it all.

Our students are taught to smile not just AT their situations, but THROUGH their situations, and to help create a positive environment.


The music starts here.

Welcome to UP Music. Our goal is to encourage our students to grow not just musically, but also personally, academically, and emotionally during our time together. We strive to create a supportive environment that pushes students to listen, think critically, get creative, and challenge themselves. We believe that through teaching music, we can also teach students how to become the best versions of themselves.

02 Portfolio


03 who we are


Hi, i'm uriel portillo.

As the architect behind the vision of up Music, my desire is to provide every student the opportunity to engage in quality music education. From my humble beginnings as a child, my vision has always been to help all students learn about life using the lessons music provides such as character, accountability, responsibility, team work, and leadership to name a few. As students experience, learn, and master these lessons, they will become better students which will ultimate go beyond the walls of our music classroom and into the world. 

04 What we do

We impact lives by using the tools of music. Here are the four tools we use: 

1) Piano (Kindergarten-3rd grade) - we all know that the early bird gets the worm. exposing students kindergarten through third grade to piano basics is a great start to understanding the fundamental lessons of music.

2) Ukulele (2nd-3rd grade) - our ukulele classes are an extension of our primary grade curriculum. Students in second and third grade have the option to either choose piano or ukulele. some people like cheese pizza and others prefer pepperoni. Conceptually, both programs function similarly however we know some students have an inner rock star just waiting to be found. 

3) Band (4th-8th grade) - Teamwork makes the dream work! Band is all about creating an atmosphere that focuses on both individual progression as well as group collaboration. band students will learn about their instrument and how it functions in the band. 

4) General Music (pre-kindergarten-8th grade) - General music is the unsung hero. These classes focus on helping students understand several components of music using unique and relevant methods. it's not uncommon to find students dancing, creating music with spoons, and/or composing music about their favorite topic. 

*we believe that students should not only focus on learning their craft but sharing it with others. All of the music components of the program emphasize performance in one way, shape, or form. 


Our office is located in Bloomingdale, IL.

Tel: 331-462-0776

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