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Instrumental Rental Only

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NOTE: If you are also looking to register your child for a program, please go back and click on "Band Registration." where you will be able to register + pay for a rental at the same time. This page is ONLY for renting instruments.

Welcome to the rental only page! All rentals can and should be submitted using the band or ukulele registration page. This page is designed for parents who only want to rent or who have already registered and needed to submit a rental order. Please note that all rental orders are on a first come first served basis. Any rental orders submitted before September 4th, 2020 are guaranteed.

The following is a breakdown of the rental options:

Instrument Price Other notes
Flute (Monthly) $30 per month
Clarinet (Monthly) $30 per month
Alto Saxophone (Monthly) $40 per month
Trumpet (Monthly) $30 per month
Trombone (Monthly) $30 per month
Baritone (Monthly) $45 per month
Percussion (Monthly) $30 per month
Ukulele (Monthly) $15 per month
Flute (Full Pay)* $270 one-time unavailable
Clarinet (Full Pay)* $270 one-time unavailable
Alto Saxophone (Full Pay)* $360 one-time unavailable
Trumpet (Full Pay)* $270 one-time unavailable
Trombone (Full Pay)* $270 one-time unavailable
Baritone (Full Pay)* $405 one-time unavailable
Percussion (Full Pay)* $270 one-time unavailable
Ukulele (Full Pay)* $135 one-time unavailable
Other Email/Call For Advanced musicians only

*Full pay rentals are for the duration of the school year (9 months).

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