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My name is Julia Rotondi, and I am the Administrative Assistant for UP Music. Read below to learn more about me, and why I'm grateful and excited to be working with this organization!

My Story


-Bachelor's of Science in Psychology - Loyola University Chicago

-Bachelor's of Arts in Theology - Loyola University Chicago

I am also currently pursuing my Master's Degree in Theology at Loyola!

Music Background:

I have been passionate about playing the drums since I was about 3 years old, when my older cousin started playing and taught me how. Fast forward to fourth grade, when I attended St. Walter School, and Mr. Portillo walked into our classroom and started showing us different instruments to try before we got to join band. I already knew exactly what I wanted to play, but I had no idea what journey music was going to take me on. Learning from Mr. Portillo has still remained one of the greatest blessings in my life, so having the opportunity to work with him and to help him achieve his goals is something I am extremely grateful for.

I continued playing drums all throughout high school, but unfortunately didn't continue into college because Loyola does not have a marching band, and snare drum was my favorite thing to play! However, I am always excited whenever I see a drum/drum set around because it immediately brings me back to one of my most comfortable spots in the world - making music.


Music Artist: Favorite band is Coldplay, favorite individual artist is Sara Bareilles!

Song: this always changes... all-time favorites though would be Up With The Birds by Coldplay + Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles

Movie: Inside Out

TV Show: Parks and Recreation
Place: Rome, Italy

Drink: Iced Coffee (as any typical student would say)


If you have questions regarding registration, payments, program info, or schedules, please email me at this office email!

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